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Lamaze Rainbow Stacking Rings | Toys for baby/toddlers

With interesting textures, sounds and patterns, the Lamaze Rainbow Stacking Rings are perfect for helping baby develop dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Multi-textured rings invite baby to explore, stimulating tactile senses. Best of all, the easy-to-grasp rings make stacking easy and fun.

  • Problem Solving Skills Are Fostered as Baby Figures Out How to Stack Rings on the Post
  • Gripping and Stacking the Soft Rings Strengthens Hand-eye Coordination
  • Full of Different Textures, the Soft Rings Invite Baby to Explore- Stimulating Tactile Senses
  • Crinkly Rings Awaken Baby's Auditory Awareness
  • Bright, Bold Colours and Patterns Invite Baby to Focus, Stimulating Vision.