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Purflo Purair Breathable Nest for baby - Zebra baby nest

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The Purflo Breathable Nest is a multi-functional and portable soft surface for quiet, mummy and rest time-designed to be used from birth. With unique breathable mesh as well as air-permeable sides the Nest complies with BS4578 for breathability. The addition of Amicor Pure„¢ to the nest reduces exposure to dust mites that can aggravate allergies such as Asthma or Eczema. Portable, lightweight and easy to fold, the Purfo Breathable Baby Nest is great for use at home and away.


Creates a safe place for your baby to feel snug, aiding longer and more restful sleep.
Both base and sides have been certified as fully air permeable
Hypoallergenic filling. Soft cotton jersey cover is machine washable.
Suitable from birth
Provides a cosy and safe environment
Large sleeping area 64cm x 28cm


Age Suitability: Parental Use Only
Weight: 1.2 kgs

Display L: 950 x W: 580 x H: 146mm