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TOMY Fill and Pop Snacks Assortment

Up front is a cute and lovable driver ready to pop in and out of the cab for some shape sorting fun. Press down to hear a squeak, or play peek-a-boo by placing the top half of the shell over the top. There’s more shape sorting fun to unlock with original Hide & Squeak® Eggs (sold separately): find the correct shaped base (star, cross, square, etc.) to fit into the driver’s seat also. Roll the van along and explore the multi-coloured chunky coins and chirpy driver designed for little hands. As they grow, the fun rolls on: by 18 months, their fine motor skills are developing further with all the dexterity they need to post the giant coins into the top of the van. Kids will also grasp cause and effect when they see what happens when they press down on the driver – the coins pop out of the back! Surprise! There’s a handy storage compartment on the side for more fun at tidy-up time, too.