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  1. Hi Mumma’s and Pappas, 

    Wow Baby is now under new management and we are going to be ramping back up in the baby market in Australia, bringing you a range of amazing baby, toddler and mother care products to you.

    About Wow Baby

    Now a bit about us, as a mother to a young toddler, I know what it's like to go through all the exciting phases of finding out your pregnant, such as telling your partner your pregnant, pregnancy announcement, medical appointments you need to book, planning your baby shower, and then thinking about all the things you need to buy before the baby arrives. So, I’m hoping I can help guide some of you who are new to the journey and some who are coming back for a second or third round but need a little refresher on all things baby. My toddler is almost 2.5 and his newborn baby life feels like a lifetime ago already.

    A little about Wow Baby, we are an Australian online retailer committed to offering Australian families a range of quality baby, toddler and mother care products at fantastic prices with fast, reliable delivery.

    We know you only want the best for your baby and child; so, do we. That’s why we are selling products from well-known brands and works closely with suppliers to ensure all products meet Australia's high safety standards.

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    New Wow Baby website and brand

    We've just upgraded our website and relaunched our brand, which I hope you all love. The new website is a new seamless design, with features such as being mobile friendly, faster speed, wish lists and a compare product feature. 

    Any issues with the functionality of the site, please let us know and we’ll get it fixed ASAP. I hope you all like the new look and feel.

    As part of this blog, I’d like to talk through the different stages of pregnancy and parenting, starting with your pregnant, now what to do I do.

    You think your pregnant, now what?

    I remember thinking, I better check that I’m not pregnant before I went out and had a few drinks with friends. I took that illustrious pregnancy test and low and behold I got two pink lines. I remember sitting there a bit dumbstruck and thinking is this really happening, I’m pregnant.

    Of course, like most of my female friends, I then proceeded to do another pregnancy test with the same result, and then another one in the morning just to triple check. Mind you, doctors tell you these days that those pregnancy tests are damn good, but you know, it’s for peace of mind.  

    In the meantime, I’m also calling up my best friend and telling her I think I’m pregnant as I needed to tell someone straight away, before planning my game plan to tell my partner.

    We had been trying for a few months, so it was a very lovely surprise, but still a shock, nonetheless that it was really happening.

    Here’s some useful information on pregnancy testing and some useful information on pregnancy care choices to get you started on your pregnancy journey.

    Telling your partner your pregnant 

    Finding out you’re pregnant is one of the biggest delights you’ll ever experience, and so is sharing the news with your partner.

    While bursting out with “I’m pregnant!” works great for some people, some females prefer a little more fun and try to make it a special occasion they’ll look fondly on. After all, what better way to launch a new chapter of your life together than with a super-cute and memorable pregnancy reveal?

    Whatever you decide to do, one thing is for sure their reaction is something you’ll always remember.

    Here’s a list of 10 ideas on telling your partner your pregnant:

    1. Hide the pregnancy test somewhere you know he’ll find it.
    2. Buy him a manual. If this is his first child, he's got a lot of learning to do now that he's going to be a dad and what better way to gift wrap him his own baby manual.
    3. Get your child to announce it by making a sign and dressing up, or a short-recorded video. Very cute.
    4. Buy some small baby shoes or clothes and gift wrap them for your partner
    5. A sign quite literally spells it out for people and it’s a classic approach that never gets old. Think cute baby-themed props, such as a sonogram photo, teething beads, and sweet baby blankie, make it visually complete. 
    6. Painting your tummy with "Baby on board," a simple "I'm pregnant," or anything else you think will get the point across.
    7. Settle down at the breakfast table eating your cereal in a pregnancy reveal bowl, then watch him begin to recognise the message and his jaw drop. Talk about a memorable morning!
    8. A sweet, simple pregnancy reveal card sums up what you've got to say in as few words as possible.
    9. If your partner is sports obsessed, so why not make the reveal by reminding Dad that he's about to get a baby and a new superfan? Especially if you purchase a mini me little team outfit.
    10. There's absolutely no way to go wrong with a giant poster that spills the beans in the most simplistic way possible. 

    For more ideas on telling your partner you are pregnant, check out their café moms blog post.

    Want to know what my top 5 products are right now? These are all super cute and very useful products to help you as parents and are great for your baby or toddler.  

    Top 5 products right now:

    Over my next few blogs, we'll talk through the various stages of pregnancy and different milestones, such as making the big pregnancy announcement to your family and friends and what to expect during the first trimester.   

    I hope you find this blog interesting and useful and if you'd like me to talk about a topic, please let me know. 

    Wow Baby Mumma xx