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Merino Kids Cocooi Babywrap - Turtle Dove (0-3 mths) - Wow Baby
Merino Kids Cocooi Babywrap - Turtle Dove (0-3 mths) - Wow Baby
Merino Kids

Merino Kids Cocooi Babywrap - Turtle Dove (0-3 mths)

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The Merino Kids Cocooi Babywrap is the world's first made from 100% superfine merino wool and has been designed specifically for the NB-3mths age group. Swaddling with the Cocooi Babywrap is safe owing to the thermo-regulating qualities of merino wool and its clever, patented, 'diagonal-wing' design. The Cocooi Babywrap is easy to use. For first timers, a little time, practice and patience will establish a bedtime routine that works for you and your baby. Swaddling's benefits are your newborn's DEVELOPMENT, COMFORT and SAFE SLEEP.

  • Hip-healthy - the legs fall naturally in a frog-like position - more info
  • Flexible and stretchy allowing essential movement
  • 100% natural and non-synthetic
  • Hypoallergenic, non-itchy, soft and safe to use on sensitive skin
  • Swaddling's ability to soothe and calm babies has been clear to women for countless generations. For babies, being swaddled recreates the security and coziness of the womb and prevents €˜Startle' reflex. This promotes better sleep patterns in those early days.

Better sleep has been proven to promote good development. #safesleep for all.


  • Infants must NEVER be placed on their stomach when swaddled.
  • Infants must NEVER be covered with any top sheets, duvets or blankets when swaddled.
  • Infants must NEVER wear hats and/or beanies when sleeping indoors.
  • A child's safety is the responsibility of the parents or carer.