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Snuza Pico

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Monitor your child's breathing motion, skin temperature and sleep patterns while they sleep. Get real-time insights and alerts straight to your phone with the Snuza Connect app. Set your preferences in the app.

If your baby's breathing motion stops, the Pico will gently vibrate to rouse your baby after 15 seconds. If this does not work and breathing motion does not start after a further 5 seconds, the Pico will alarm so that you can act and respond quickly.


  • Monitors your baby or child's breathing motion while they sleep
  • Sounds a loud alarm after 20 seconds of no breathing motion
  • Will gently vibrate to rouse your baby when no breathing motion is detected for 15 seconds
  • Set your preferences using the app. Get real-time alerts sent directly to your phone.
  • Monitors skin temperature and can alert you if your child's temperature changes
  • Know when your baby changes position while they sleep
  • Monitor your child's sleep patterns using the app
  • Easily clips onto your baby's diaper or child's pajama pants