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Ubbi Nappy Bin Marble

Ubbi Nappy Bin Marble


The Ubbi Nappy Bin is Unique as it means no odors! Not only that – you can use standard rubbish bags or a reusable cloth liner! Loading and Unloading is as easy as it gets. It even has a childproof Lock!  It’s available in a large number of colours to suit any home!

The Ubbi Nappy Bin is made of powder-coated steel to achieve maximum odor control. It is equipped with rubber seals that are strategically designed to lock in odors as well as a sliding lid that minimizes air disruption, keeping the smell inside the pail.

To meet the needs of today’s eco-conscious parents, the award-winning Ubbi Nappy Bin offers the convenience and value of utilizing any standard trash bag or reusable cloth liner. This features makes it the easiest disposal system to load, use, empty and clean.

Offering a modern and sophisticated twist to a once very industrial product, the sleek Ubbi Nappy Bin includes a child-proof lock and is available in an array of colors. All the style none of the smell- a promising solution for every nursery. 


  • Powder coated steel body
  • Does not absorb odors like plastic and is easy to clean
  • Rubber sealing gaskets
  • Innovative sliding lid
  • No special bags required
  • Holds up to 55 nappies
  • Child safety lock

Dimensions: Height: 58cm | Depth: 38cm | Width: 27cm