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5 Tips for Organizing Any Nappy Bag

5 Tips for Organizing Any Nappy Bag

Why does packing a nappy bag sometimes feel like repacking a suitcase? Whether it’s too many items and not enough space or being forced to stick bottles in random compartments that cause leaking (you’ve probably been there), it’s always something. Properly organizing a baby bag is no small feat.

Luckily, we’ve put together our top 5 tips for organizing any baby bag. 

1 - Make space for mess in your Nappy Bag

Life is messy, and with a baby, it can be even messier. Whether it’s a spill, a spit up, or soiled clothing, be sure to always have a wet bag to separate the result of these accidents from the general contents of the bag. 

2 - Take smaller items

Since you’ll most likely be using your baby bag for day outings (and maybe overnight trips) there’s no need to take full-sized items. Always use travel-sized items in your baby bag to maximize on space. This works well for lotion, powder, ointments etc. 

3 - Give yourself a spot

Instead of saddling yourself with a second bag consider giving yourself some space in the baby’s diaper bag for your personal items. Since diaper bags typically have many compartments it’s definitely more convenient to add your stuff to the baby’s bag and save yourself the trouble of two bags.

4 - Keep the diapers front and center

It’s called a diaper bag for a reason. Make sure diapers are easily accessible and that you have enough for your outing. A good idea is to ensure that you have at least one diaper for every hour that you’re away from home plus an extra one for random accidents.

5 - Invest in a good quality baby bag that has all the right compartments 

Having a good quality baby bag can be a lifesaver and a space saver when packing for that day or overnight trip. Having all the right compartments can help you utilise the valuable space you have for all the critical items you need in your nappy bag. 


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