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Shop our range of Lamaze, Bumbo and Mamas and Papas high chair suction toys to keep your little one entertained whilst eating.

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High Chair Toys

Transform Mealtime into Playtime with High Chair Toys! Have you ever watched your little one turn mealtime into a frenzy, wishing there was a magical way to keep them seated and happy? Well, wish no more! High Chair Toys are here to change the game, making each meal a delightful adventure for your baby. It's not just about feeding; it's about nurturing joy, curiosity, and development with every spoonful.

Dive into a World of Colorful Mealtime Companions

Forget about the usual mealtime struggles. With our vibrant selection of High Chair Suction Toys, your baby will be too engrossed in play to notice anything else. These toys aren't just distractions; they're interactive partners that make each meal an opportunity for growth and exploration.

Unleash the Power of High Chair Suction Toys

The genius of High Chair Suction Toys lies in their ability to stay where you put them. No more toys thrown on the floor or disappearing under tables. These suction-powered heroes stick to the highchair tray, ensuring that your baby has continuous fun without any interruptions.

A Unique Blend of Colours, Textures, and Sounds

Engage Every Sense

Our range of High Chair Toys is designed to stimulate your baby's senses. Bright colours captivate their vision, varied textures intrigue their touch, and gentle rattles and spins delight their hearing. It's a multi-sensory experience that not only entertains but also educates.

Crafted for Little Hands and Minds

Designed with Purpose

Every toy we offer is made with a special goal in mind—to help your baby grow and learn. These toys are perfect for little hands to hold onto, which helps to get better at grabbing and holding things. They also introduce the idea of cause and effect, like when your baby discovers that pressing a button makes a sound. This isn't just for fun; it's a way of teaching. Our toys are not just for playing, but are carefully created to be part of your baby's learning journey, making every playtime a step towards development.

Beyond the High Chair: Versatile Fun

Playtime Anytime, Anywhere

While these toys shine on the highchair, their fun isn't confined to meal times. The sturdy suction cups mean you can attach them to other smooth, flat surfaces like windows, bathtubs, and even airplane tray tables, making them perfect companions for a variety of settings.

The Joy of Teething Relief

Soothing for Gums, Fun for Baby

Many of our High Chair Toys come with built-in teether components. These are designed to be soft on your baby's gums, providing much-needed relief during teething phases, all while keeping them engaged and happy.

Hassle-Free Hygiene

Hassle-Free Hygiene

We know that with baby products, cleanliness is crucial. That's why our toys are designed to be easily wiped down and sanitized, ensuring that your baby's play area is not just fun but also germ-free.

Gifts That Keep on Giving

The Perfect Present for Any Occasion

Searching for the ideal present that will make a statement at birthdays, baby showers, or other special occasions? Look no further! Our High Chair Toys are the winners, loved by both babies and their parents. More than just a present, these toys are like helping hands, making feeding times smoother and more enjoyable for parents, while offering endless fun for the little ones. They're designed to spark joy and curiosity, aiding in the baby's growth every time they sit down to eat.So, if you want to give a gift that truly keeps on giving, bringing smiles and happy moments to both parents and their precious babies, our high chair toys are the way to go. They're not just toys; they're treasures for the whole family.

Join the Wow Baby Family

Where Quality Meets Affection

At Wow Baby, we're not just about products; we're about creating moments of joy and learning for your little ones. Our High Chair Toys and High Chair Suction Toys are a testament to our commitment to quality, safety, and fun.

Shopping Made Simple

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Wow Baby

Gone are the days of stressful shopping trips. With our user-friendly online store, getting your hands on the best High Chair Toys is as easy as pie. A few clicks, and you're on your way to transforming mealtime into playtime.

Proudly Australian, Proudly For You

Homegrown Happiness

Right here in Australia, we're all about bringing joy to families like yours. We're not just any business; we're part of the community, creating toys that fit perfectly into Aussie homes. We know every family is different, and we love that! It's why our toys are made to suit everyone, with a little something special for every little Aussie. We listen to what you need and dream up toys that aren't just fun but safe and educational too. Because for us, it's more than just making toys; it's about making those everyday moments a bit brighter for you and your bub.

Ready to Turn the Table on Mealtime Mayhem?

Step into a World of Fun and Learning with Wow Baby Step into a World of Fun and Learning with Wow Baby Don't Miss Out: Your Baby Deserves the Best!

Missing the perfect mealtime solution? Worry not! With Wow Baby's selection of High Chair Suction Toys, you're choosing a path of less stress and more joy. Dive into our collection today and see the difference for yourself.

Why Wait? Join the Fun Now!

Our High Chair Toys are ready to make mealtime magical. Are you? Shop with us today and experience the joy of seamless, engaging meals with your little one. Welcome to the Wow Baby family, where every meal is an opportunity for fun and learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will these High Chair Toys fit on any high chair?

Absolutely! Our High Chair Suction Toys are designed with a versatile suction base that sticks well to most flat and smooth high chair trays. This means no matter what high chair you have, our toys are likely to fit snugly, making mealtime fun and worry-free for you and your little one.

Are these toys safe for babies to chew on?

Yes, they are! Safety is our top priority, so our High Chair Toys are made from materials that are safe for babies. They're perfect for little ones who love to explore with their mouths, especially during teething. You can rest easy knowing they're chewing on something safe and clean.

How do I clean the toys?

Cleaning is a breeze! Just detach the toy from the high chair and wash it with some warm, soapy water. They're designed to be easy to clean, without hard-to-reach spots, so you can ensure they're always ready for your baby to play with at mealtime.

Can these toys really help with my baby’s development?

Definitely! Each High Chair Suction Toy is crafted to entertain and help with your baby's development. They're great for improving fine motor skills, learning about cause and effect, and stimulating their senses. It's playtime with a purpose, making these toys invaluable aids for growth and learning.

How quickly can I receive my High Chair Toy after ordering?

We aim to get your new High Chair Toy to you as fast as possible. Orders are normally completed in a day, and depending on where you live, shipping time frames may change. We'll provide you with a tracking number so you can see exactly when your little one's new toy will arrive.