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Bath time

Bathing your baby should be one of the most enjoyable experiences. It's during this time you get to create a special bond with your baby. Check out WOW Baby's extensive baby bath products for your baby that are sure to create that special moment and give your baby a bundle of joy during bath time.

In this category below you will find all our baby bath time products including bath toys, face washers & hooded towels for baby. And if you want something specific, use the "Browse By" category dropdown to select a specific brand or product type.

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Baby Bath Products

Ever Wondered If Bath Time Could Be the Highlight of Your Day?
Imagine turning bath time from a must-do into the best part of your day—a time filled with laughter, playful splashes, and a happy, cosy baby wrapped in warmth afterwards. It's not just a dream. With Wow Baby's specially curated range of Baby Bath Products in Australia, we make this vision a reality. 

Our selection is designed to make every splash and every bubble create moments of joy and deep bonding. Say goodbye to the mundane and hello to fun-filled baths that both you and your little one will look forward to.

From gentle washes that care for sensitive skin to vibrant bath toys that spark imagination, Wow Baby ensures that bath time is anything but mediocre. Dive into our world where bath time becomes a treasure trove of giggles and warm cuddles, making every day a little brighter and a lot more memorable.

Dive Into Excellence with Our Baby Bath Products

Bath time is not just about getting clean; it's a golden opportunity for play, learning, and relaxation. Our Baby Bath Products in Australia are carefully selected to enhance these moments, making every bath an adventure.

Quality Meets Affordability
  • Baby Bath Products That Don't Break the Bank Experience the luxury of high-quality baby bath products at prices that make sense for your family. We believe exceptional care shouldn't come with a hefty price tag.
  • Trusted Brands, Trusted Care Our shelves are stocked with the best names in baby care. From eco-friendly soaps to ergonomic bath toys, we offer products that are safe, fun, and soothing.
  • Shopping Simplified Our user-friendly online store and convenient Click & Collect option mean you can shop for Baby Bath Products in Australia from the comfort of your home or on the go.
  • Close to Home With our warehouse strategically located near residential areas and our low-cost, efficient delivery service, getting your bath essentials is quicker and easier than ever.

A Splashtastic Selection

Bath Toys

Transform bath time into a magical underwater adventure with our playful collection of bath toys. Dive into a world where your little one's imagination can soar with every splash. Our carefully selected toys are not just about fun; they're crafted to entertain and educate, turning each bath into an exciting journey of discovery. From floating animals that teach about the wonders of the sea to colorful cups that introduce concepts of size and volume, our toys make learning effortless and enjoyable. Perfect for tiny hands and curious minds, these bath toys ensure that every moment spent in the tub is filled with laughter, learning, and endless fun. Make every splash count with Wow Baby's enchanting bath toys, where every bath is an adventure waiting to happen.

Snuggly Warm Towels and Washers

Envelope your baby in the softness of our hooded towels and gentle face washers after bath time. Perfect for sensitive skin, they're the cuddly end to a fun bath.

Crafting Cherished Moments

The Wow Baby Way

Our mission is to make bath time a shared joy. With products that are as gentle on the skin as they are on the environment, we're here to support your journey.

The Right Choice for Every Splash

Choosing the perfect bath products in Australia for your baby can seem daunting, but at Wow Baby, we've made it simple. Our diverse range of bath products is carefully curated to suit every baby's age, skin type, and parental preference. Whether you're looking for hypoallergenic solutions for sensitive skin, organic options for eco-conscious parents, vibrant and colourful bath toys to stimulate your baby's senses, or straightforward, no-fuss products for quick and easy bath times, we've got you covered. We promise to give a range that meets the particular requirements and tastes of each family, making bath time enjoyable, secure, and calming for your child at all times. With Wow Baby, finding the right choice for every splash is easy and stress-free.

Shop, Splash, Smile

Discover the Best for Your Baby

With Wow Baby, choosing the right Baby Bath Products is easy. Our detailed descriptions, customer reviews, and expert advice guide you to the perfect selections.

Unbeatable Value

Get more for your money without compromising on quality. Our competitive pricing and flexible payment options, including Afterpay, make shopping stress-free.

Join Our Community

Beyond the Bath

We're more than just a store; we're a family. Join our community of satisfied parents who share tips, stories, and the joys of raising little ones.

Your Invitation to Better Baths

Are you ready to take your baby's bath time to the next level? Dive into our extensive collection at Wow Baby and find out how our Baby Bath Products in Australia can transform a routine task into an extraordinary experience of joy and bonding. Our range is designed with love and care, ensuring that every product, from bubbly washes to engaging toys, brings a smile to your baby's face and warmth to your heart. Discover the magic of our Baby Bath Products today and see how we can make bath time something both you and your little one look forward to. With Wow Baby, every splash is an opportunity for laughter, learning, and unforgettable memories. Join us on this journey to better baths, where fun meets function in the most delightful way.

Make Every Splash Count with Wow Baby

Don't let bath time be just another chore. With Wow Baby's Baby Bath Products in Australia, transform it into an extraordinary experience filled with laughter, learning, and love. From eco-friendly washes to enchanting toys, our products are designed to make bath time your baby's favorite part of the day. Shop now and dive into the joy of memorable bath times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your Baby Bath Products suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin?

Absolutely! Our Baby Bath Products in Australia are carefully selected with your baby's delicate skin in mind. We offer a wide range of hypoallergenic and organic options that are perfect for sensitive skin, ensuring they're gentle yet effective. Every product is dermatologically tested to keep your baby's skin soft, safe, and happily hydrated during and after bath time.

How can I find the right bath products for my baby's age?

Our diverse selection of Baby Bath Products caters to every stage of your baby's development. From newborns to toddlers, we've got something for every age. Our product descriptions include age recommendations and benefits, making it easy for you to choose the perfect products that will make bath time both fun and appropriate for your baby's specific needs.

Do you offer eco-friendly Baby Bath Products?

Yes, we do! We recognise how critical it is to preserve the environment for the benefit of our future generations. That's why we offer a variety of eco-friendly Baby Bath Products in Australia. These products are made from sustainable materials and are biodegradable, ensuring they're not only safe for your baby but also kind to the planet.

Can I find bath toys that are both fun and educational?

We strive to get your Baby Products in Australia to you as quickly as possible. Your location may affect delivery delays. However, we work with dependable shipping partners to make sure your product gets to you on time. We'll provide you with tracking information so you can view the estimated time of arrival for your things.