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Baby play mats have an important role in babies development through tummy time, playing with toys, and learning to crawl. Shop our range of nursery cotton & padded baby play mats from, All 4 EllaSkip Hop, Taf Toys, Eeveve, and more. 

Our range of round, padded, reversible, portable baby playmats are perfect as a baby playmat, children's playmat or a yoga mat. They are so practical and gorgeous, that you'll be proud to have them on display in your home and the whole family will use them. 

Many of our play mats have these features:


Our padded play mats make floor play more comfortable for all aged children (and adults – yoga anyone?).

Suitable for Any Space:

Living rooms, playrooms, nurseries and kid’s rooms… the list goes on!


Shock-absorbent foam core, protects little ones from bumps and bruises on hard floors and provides insulation from cold floors


These baby play mats are great for play and super easy to wipe clean

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