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Shop baby sleeping bags & sleepwear online to keep your little one sleeping soundly and warm. Wow Baby have quality baby sleepwear from brands including Ergopouch & Merino Kids at affordable prices and ship Australia wide.

There are many benefits to using a safe baby sleeping bag (a safe baby sleeping bag has fitted neck and armholes and no hood and is the correct size for baby) including:

  • they reduce the risk of bedclothes covering baby’s face
  • they delay baby rolling onto the tummy during sleep until baby’s past the age of peak risk of SUDI
  • they promote back sleeping as the zipper opens to the front
  • they will keep baby’s temperature at a more constant level while sleeping.

Simply buy online & we will ship your sleeping bag directly to you or straight to the intended recipient. And if you want something specific, use the "Browse By" category dropdown above to select a specific brand or product type.

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Baby Sleep Bags: The Magic Ingredient for Dreamy Nights

Have you ever pondered the mystery behind your little one's peaceful, uninterrupted slumber through the starry night? The answer to this puzzle is delightfully straightforward and has captured the hearts of families nationwide: the introduction of the Baby Sleep Bag. This marvel of comfort and safety is the sleep solution that has parents across Australia buzzing with excitement and gratitude. Tailored not just for infants but also as the perfect Baby and Toddler Sleeping Bag, it ensures that as your child grows, their nights remain filled with dreams, not disruptions. Crafted with love, care, and an understanding of what young ones need for a restful sleep, these bags are a testament to a parent's desire for the best. Join the countless families who have found their nights transformed, thanks to this simple yet effective secret.

Kids Sleep Bags: Where Comfort Meets Adventure

As your child grows, their world expands with imagination and adventure, even in sleep. Our Kids Sleep Bags are designed not just for warmth and comfort but as a companion in their nightly journeys to dreamland. Tailored for the restless explorer in your toddler, these sleep bags ensure they're snug and safe as they venture into the land of dreams.

From Baby to Toddler: A Seamless Transition

Transitioning from a baby to a toddler is a significant milestone in your child's life, and their sleep needs change as well. The Toddler Sleeping Bag is designed to grow with them, offering a familiar yet adaptable sleeping environment that accommodates their newfound freedom and mobility.

The Wow Baby Promise: Your Family's Comfort First

At Wow Baby, we're more than just a store; we're a part of your family's journey. We pledge to offer:

  • Unmatched Quality and Safety: Each Baby Sleep Bag and Toddler Sleeping Bag passes through rigorous quality checks to ensure your child's safety and comfort.
  • A Universe of Choices: Dive into a variety of designs, materials, and brands. Whether it's the breathable comfort of Ergopouch or the luxurious softness of Merino Kids, we have it all.
  • Guidance Every Step of the Way: Unsure about the right choice? Our expert team is here to guide you, offering personalised advice tailored to your child's age, size, and the season.

The Science of Safe Sleep

Our selection of sleeping bags isn't just about aesthetics; it's backed by research and expert recommendations. Here's how our products make a difference:

  • Preventing Overheating: Breathable materials ensure your child stays comfortable without overheating, a key factor in reducing the risk of SIDS.
  • Encouraging Proper Sleep Positioning: Designed to encourage sleeping on the back, our sleeping bags align with safe sleep practices recommended by pediatricians.

Beyond Sleep: Our Bags' Daytime Adventures

Who said sleep bags are just for night? Our versatile Kids Sleep Bags double as cosy companions for daytime naps, lounging, or playtime. They're perfect for keeping your little one comfortable during those spontaneous moments of rest, no matter where the day takes them.

Making Memories with Every Zip

Every Baby Sleep Bag from Wow Baby is more than a sleeping aid; it's a keeper of memories. From the first night home to the transition to a big kid bed, our sleep bags are there through all the milestones, offering comfort and security.

The Gift of Good Sleep

Looking for the perfect baby shower gift or a thoughtful present for a new parent? A Baby Sleep Bag or Toddler Sleeping Bag from our collection is not just practical; it's a gift of love, promising many nights of peaceful sleep.

Join the Wow Baby Sleep Club

Dive into a world where nighttime worries wash away, and peaceful dreams reign supreme. By subscribing to our newsletter, you're not just signing up for emails; you're joining a warm, welcoming community of parents who share your journey towards achieving serene nights. The Wow Baby Sleep Club is your go-to source for invaluable tips, clever tricks, and exclusive deals that make bedtime a breeze.

Discover the wonders of our Baby Sleep Bag and Toddler Sleeping Bag collections, designed with your little one's utmost comfort and safety in mind. Together, we'll explore innovative ways to enhance your child's sleep, ensuring you both wake up refreshed and ready to embrace the day. Embrace the joy of stress-free nights—join our family today and let the magic of restful sleep fill your home.

Ready to Transform Your Nighttime Routine?

Are you dreaming of saying farewell to those long, sleepless nights filled with endless tossing and turning? It's time to welcome the tranquility and bliss of uninterrupted sleep with open arms. Wow Baby's exclusive range of sleep bags is here to revolutionise your nighttime routine. Our collection promises more than just sleep; it offers a journey towards serene, peaceful nights where your baby rests comfortably, and you, in turn, find the calm and relaxation you deserve. Don't wait any longer to transform your sleep experience. Shop with us today and feel the remarkable difference a well-rested baby can make in your life. Join countless families who have found their solace in our lovingly crafted sleep solutions. Let's start this journey to better sleep together, where every night is a good night.

Let's Make Bedtime a Breeze

Say hello to happier mornings and brighter days with sleep solutions that promise safety, comfort, and a whole lot of love. Explore our collection today and find the perfect sleep companion for your little one.

Step into a World Where Sleep is Safe, Sound, and Sweet

With Wow Baby, every night is an opportunity for a beautiful sleep story. Begin yours today by choosing from our curated selection of Baby Sleep Bag, Kids Sleep Bag, and Toddler Sleeping Bag. Your child deserves the best, and we're here to ensure they get it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which size Baby Sleep Bag to choose for my little one?

Choosing the right size is crucial for your baby's comfort and safety. Our Baby Sleep Bag sizes are based on your baby's age and length. See our sizing advice on the product page to get the perfect sleep bag size based on your baby's measurements. In order to provide your kid ample room to develop, we advise selecting the larger size if you're in between sizes.

ACan the Kids Sleep Bag be used all year round, or do I need different ones for seasons?

Our Kids Sleep Bag collection includes options for every season! Look for the 'tog' rating on each bag – a lower tog is perfect for warmer nights, and a higher tog is ideal for cooler temperatures. This way, you can ensure your child is comfortable no matter the season, without needing multiple different bags.

What makes your Toddler Sleeping Bag different from regular blankets?

Our Toddler Sleeping Bag is designed with safety and comfort in mind. Unlike regular blankets that can easily be kicked off, our sleeping bags stay in place, keeping your toddler at a consistent temperature all night. They also prevent your little one from climbing out of the crib, offering a safer sleeping environment as they grow.

How do I care for and wash my Baby Sleep Bag?

Caring for your Baby Sleep Bag is simple. The majority of our sleeping bags are suitable for machine washing and low-temperature tumble drying. We recommend washing the sleep bag before its first use and following the specific care instructions on the label to keep the sleep bag in perfect condition, ensuring your baby's sleep environment is always clean and fresh.