The Art Of Baby Sleep! Wow Baby

The Art Of Baby Sleep!

The Art Of Baby Sleep!

We have been told from an early age that sleep is important. Our parents, teachers and doctors have instilled this fact in us but we rarely listen because who’s got time for 8 hour sleep every night?


But for babies getting proper sleep is essential and that is way more than the 8 hours that you should be getting everyday. We are talking an average of 14-18 hours sleep time depending on the age.


A proper sleep not only helps in your baby’s brain development, it also creates good eating habits, impacts the overall mood alongside making the baby more responsive and easier to sooth. A well rested baby is a happy baby. Creating good sleeping habits will not only benefit the baby but also the parents because let’s be honest those sleepless nights that come with having a baby are no joke and we are committed towards keeping both of you well rested.


Here is a list of products that have helped thousands of parents in improving 'The Art Of Baby Sleep!'


1. Gro Egg USB Thermometer

Starting with our Gro Egg USB Thermometer because keeping the right temperature in the nursery is imperative. With its easy to understand colour coded system to check your little one is resting at the correct room temperature, adjustable brightness, gentle night light and USB powered feature for travelling makes this a good investment.




Gro Egg USB Digital Room Thermometer



2. Lion Sound Soother & Nightlight

Create a comfortable environment for your baby to doze off with our Lion Sound Soother & Nightlight. Its playful design, high quality sound of nature, melodic lullaby and the soft glow of nightlight will create a tranquil environment for your little one and will be an amazingly powerful cue to boost your baby’s sleep.




 Lion Sound Soother & Nightlight


3. Grobag Snuggle

A swaddled baby is a happy baby! Create a secure, snug and safe environment for your baby with our easy to use Grobag Snuggles with its hourglass profile for a better fit, its super soft fabric allowing hip healthy natural leg position on the bottom, its two way zip features for those nightly hours of changing diapers in our wide range of designs because we ought to keep our little ones stylish!Grobag Snuggles



4. Sleep Tight Portable Blockout Blind

Its a challenge to get your baby into healthy sleeping habits specially with seasonal changes or when you are away from home. Our Sleep Tight Portable Blockout Blind will help you overcome that challenge by creating a dark and sleepy space anywhere encouraging your little one to settle down to sleep.Its comes with a handy travel with lightweight blind and easy to adjust features making it a necessity when travelling in order to maintain the baby’s sleep.


Sleep Tight Portable Blockout Blind




Planning to head out for the weekend but worried about disrupting your child’s sleep routine?

5. SlumberPod


Our SlumberPod is a quick assembly privacy pod that will help your baby to get a good night’s sleep. Our suitcase designed box includes the premium fabric canopy, a set of two poles and a fabric carry bag with shoulder straps. Your child can fall asleep in their blackout pod while you can relax and have your “me” time.SlumberPod




6. Project Nursery Baby Video Monitor

Babies need continuous attention and our Project Nursery Baby Video Monitor with remote access will ensure their safety. It’s features involves a 12.7 touch screen monitor delivering crystal clear HD video synced in with the Project Nursery app on your smartphone so that you can keep a check on your baby at any moment.


Project Nursery Baby Video Monitor




7. First Years Close & Secure Sleeper

Bond, soothe and monitor your baby from the comfort of your own bed with our First Years Close & Secure Sleeper that can be used from birth until the baby rolls over on their own. It’s features includes a breathable mesh fabric for air circulation, an inbuilt soft glow night light, a U shaped wall for extra protection and a lightweight carrier handle with easy ways to fold making it convenient for portability and compact storage.


The First Years Close & Secure Sleeper Baby bed

For more such amazing products and offers to help baby sleep, feel free to visit Wow Baby






















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