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Project Nursery

Project Nursery Video Camera With Amazon Alexa Unit

Project Nursery Video Camera With Amazon Alexa Unit

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Discover what Alexa can do for you and your baby with the Project Nursery Smart Baby Monitor System. With just a simple voice command, you can use Alexa to add items to your grocery list, play lullabies and children’s audio books, receive reminders and alerts, and much more. Alexa’s compatibility with a host of smart products makes life so much easier. The Wi-Fi Baby Monitor allows you to keep your eyes and ears on your little one at all times, from anywhere, using your smartphone or tablet. Never miss a moment!


  • 720p HD video streaming Wi-Fi zoom camera and Alexa voice controlled unit
  • Built-in Alexa voice-control technology knows over 10,000 skills – and counting – with access to unlimited parenting information
  • Ability to control other smart home devices
  • Alexa voice-controlled functions: camera movements, play lullabies and sounds, record video, photo capture, motion/sound detection, and temperature readings
  • Wi-Fi remote pan/tilt/zoom camera movements
  • Audio recording and two-way communication
  • View multiple cameras and two-way communication remotely from the Project Nursery app
  • Record video and snap photos of Baby directly to your smartphone or tablet; or, auto record motion and sound detection events—no cloud storage fees apply
  • Remote viewing allows you to see and hear at home or anywhere using your smart device
  • Industry-leading infrared night vision
  • Play Rockabye Baby lullabies such as “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing,” “Holiday” and “Jolene”
  • 360-degree omnidirectional audio so you can talk to Baby from anywhere using the Project Nursery app
  • View up to four cameras at once using the quad-view screen on the app
  • Not compatible with other Project Nursery Monitor Systems
  • Wi-Fi router required
  • 1-year limited warranty


    • Suitability: Parental Use Only
    • Product Dimensions: L: 136mm x W: 171mm x H: 128mm
    • Weight:  0.63 kg
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    Project Nursery Smart Baby Monitor: Is Your Baby's Safety & Comfort Just a Wishful Thinking?

    Imagine missing those first magical moments of your baby's life—first steps, first words, or even just watching them sleep peacefully. Every parent cherishes these moments and dreads the thought of not being there to witness them. It's natural to want to be by your baby's side every second, but life's demands often make it impossible. What if there was a way to bridge that gap, to ensure that no matter where you are, you could still share in those precious moments? This is where the Project Nursery Smart Baby Monitor comes into play. Designed with love and understanding for your deepest concerns, it offers a seamless way to stay connected with your little one. Whether you're in the next room or miles away, this state-of-the-art monitor makes it feel like you're right there, ensuring your baby's safety and comfort are never just wishful thinking.

    Read More

    Discover the Magic of Alexa for You and Your Baby

    Imagine a world where your baby monitor does more than just watch over your little one. With the Project Nursery Smart Baby Monitor System, that world is now a reality. Thanks to the integration with Alexa, this system transforms your nursery into a smart, responsive environment. Whether you're adding diapers to your shopping list or soothing your baby with a lullaby, all it takes is a simple voice command. Alexa's compatibility with numerous smart products simplifies your life in ways you never thought possible.

    Why Choose the Project Nursery Smart Baby Monitor?

    The Ultimate Connection to Your Child

    With our Wi-Fi Baby Monitor, missing out on your baby's important milestones is a thing of the past. Now, every giggle, babble, and sweet dreamy sigh won't go unnoticed, no matter where you are. Imagine watching your baby's first steps or hearing their first words live on your smartphone or tablet. This isn't just about keeping an eye on your little one; it's a deeper connection. It's about being there for every precious moment, feeling close even when you're far away. Our technology ensures that you're always just a glance away from being part of your baby's moments, day or night. It’s about peace of mind, knowing your baby is safe, happy, and just a tap away from your loving gaze.

    Seamless Integration into Your Smart Home

    Our system is designed to fit perfectly into your smart home ecosystem. With Alexa at its core, the Project Nursery Smart Baby Monitor offers an unparalleled level of convenience and functionality. Control smart devices, set reminders, and play your baby's favourite tunes, all without lifting a finger. It's smart, intuitive, and incredibly user-friendly.

    Peace of Mind, Anytime, Anywhere

    Worrying about missing key moments in your baby's life is something every parent can relate to. With our Smart Baby Monitor, those worries disappear. It brings you comfort and assurance, no matter where you are. Whether you're busy at work, tending to the garden, or away in another city, our system bridges the gap. It ensures that you're always just a moment away from seeing your baby's safe, peaceful face. This isn't just technology; it's a lifeline to the moments that matter most. It's knowing that your baby is always in safe hands, yours included, even when miles apart.

    Designed with Love and Care

    Every feature of the Project Nursery Smart Baby Monitor is crafted with love, care, and a deep understanding of what parents and babies need. From the crystal-clear live video feed to the two-way audio that lets you soothe your baby with your voice, our monitor is more than a device; it's a companion in your parenting journey.

    Empowering Your Parenting Experience

    We believe in empowering parents with the right tools to make informed decisions. Our baby monitor is not just about watching over your baby; it's about understanding their patterns, ensuring their safety, and optimising their comfort. With our system, you're not just monitoring; you're learning, connecting, and growing with your baby.

    A System That Grows with Your Family

    The Project Nursery Smart Baby Monitor is designed to grow with your family. Its scalability and compatibility with a wide range of smart products mean that as your family's needs evolve, our system will continue to provide the support and functionality you require. It's not just an investment in your baby's safety; it's an investment in your family's future.

    The Smart Choice for Modern Parents

    In the digital age, smart parenting means leveraging technology to enhance your child's safety and well-being. Our Project Nursery Baby Monitor system stands out as the smart choice for modern parents. With its intuitive design, cutting-edge features, and smart home compatibility, it's a system that truly understands the needs of today's families.

    Join the Wow Baby Family

    You're not simply purchasing a device when you choose the Project Nursery Smart Baby Monitor; you're also becoming a part of a community of parents that share your values regarding connectivity, safety, and clever solutions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How easy is it to set up the Project Nursery Smart Baby Monitor?

    Setting up your Project Nursery Smart Baby Monitor is as easy as pie! We've designed it to be straightforward, with simple instructions that guide you step by step. Just plug it in, connect it to your Wi-Fi, and link it to your smartphone or tablet using our app. In no time, you'll be ready to watch over your little one, ensuring they're safe and sound. No tech expertise needed – we promise!

    Can I share access to the Project Nursery Baby Monitor with family members?

    Absolutely! With the Project Nursery Baby Monitor, sharing access with family members is simple and convenient. Whether it's your partner, grandparents, or a babysitter, you can grant them the ability to check in on your little one too. It's a wonderful way to let loved ones feel connected and involved, no matter where they are. Sharing the joy and peace of mind has never been simpler.

    What makes the Project Nursery Smart Baby Monitor different from other baby monitors?

    The Project Nursery Smart Baby Monitor stands out because of its seamless integration with smart home devices, especially Alexa, and its exceptional features. Not only does it offer high-definition video and crystal-clear audio, but it also comes with customisable alerts, temperature monitoring, and the ability to play lullabies. Plus, its user-friendly design ensures that staying connected to your baby is effortless and enriching, setting it apart from the rest.

    How secure is the Project Nursery Smart Baby Monitor?

    Security is our top priority with the Project Nursery Smart Baby Monitor. We use advanced encryption and secure connections to ensure that only you and those you've given permission can view the video stream. We put your baby's safety and your personal peace of mind first, so you can feel comfortable knowing that your family's privacy is protected. With our monitor, you're not just getting a view of your baby; you're getting the assurance of safety and security.

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