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SRC Recovery Leggings - Pregnancy

SRC Recovery Leggings - Pregnancy

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Speed up Recovery with these Pregnancy Recovery Leggings!

Designed by women for women, in consultation with an obstetrician these ˜fit for purpose' Recovery Leggings deliver both functionality and comfort. The uniquely designed and patented Anatomical Support Panels in the SRC Recovery Leggings, deliver targeted compression without deactivating your muscles and treat multiple conditions prevalent after delivery;

  • DRAM (Diastasis Rectus Abdominus Muscle) Abdominal Muscle Separation
  • C-section wounds
  • Perineal trauma and episiotomy wounds
  • Lower back pain

Now you can get in shape after childbirth with the support of the world's leading pregnancy and recovery compression range.

The SRC Recovery Leggings provide you with better stability and enable easier movement after delivery, making caring for your baby easier - lifting, bathing and feeding all add up to put extra demands on you especially areas like lower back.

The Recovery Leggings are just like a second skin - no adjustable buttons, zips or velcro which means you don't need to always adjust while wearing your postpartum compression garment. The Recovery Leggings are highly recommended by health care professionals for improving mobility and pelvic muscle function after childbirth. The SRC Recovery Leggings have become a favourite hospital bag inclusion for women around the world.

These leggings are claimable on your private health. ARTG listed – 341087


1. Activate Muscles

The patented SRC compression technology enables muscle stimulation and activation by producing gentle compression / light pressure to the pelvis, back and abdominal muscles. This is impossible if you choose a girdle or rigid support garment like shape wear as it will provide a level of compression that is too high. With SRC you can be confident your Recovery Leggings are performing even when you're not active.

2. Assist in reducing swelling

Fitting like a glove, the gentle compression in the recovery leggings helps your mobility after both a vaginal or C-section delivery.

3. Assist in reducing pain and provides support to wound healing

Recovery Leggings provide mild compression to the wound area. Whether you had a C-section birth or stitches/tears to your perineum, the SRC Leggings will reduce wound swelling and pain and promote a faster and safer recovery.


SRC Recovery Leggings have been designed by women and in consultation with obstetrician Dr. Saffer. Anatomically designed support panels fit with the female anatomy and deliver constant gentle compression of 4-15mmHg. The Recovery Leggings deliver fantastic fit and maximum support without making you feel restricted. We recommend you use them for the first 8-10 weeks after birth and then they can be worn for as long as they provide benefit.

SRC Recovery Leggings use a proprietary luxurious fabric and breathable power mesh lining. These SRC fabrics are independently and scientifically tested and the test results show that our fabric and the construction is of the highest quality. The fabric delivers continuous gentle graduated compression over time. To achieve this, high performance fabric panels are cut in multiple planes to provide multi-directional stretch performance, what we call True Cross Compression, which means that SRC compression garments retain their strength characteristics longer than some leading sports performance brands even after 100 Washes.


Do not take your own measurement. Compression garments require accurate fit to function.

Be measured in your underwear only. Stand with your heels together and have the person measuring you keep the measuring tape straight.

They should place the tape over your hips, pubic bone and bottom at the fullest part. The tape should touch your body at all points but not be pulled tight. Please see the image and watch the video.

It is important to note that your SRC Pregnancy Recovery leggings will perform best when washed every 3 days.


Correct measurement for our garments is crucial. As they are medical garments they may not always correlate to general/fashion clothing sizes. General fashion sizes also vary drastically by country and by brand (we find that an Australian XS can equate to a S or even M in American sizes) so we strongly recommend you have someone else take your measurements and use this guide to size yourself up. It's best to get measured at 36 weeks. 

We also have a video for you to reference in terms of measuring yourself correctly. Measure at any time during your pregnancy for SRC Recovery Pregnancy  Leggings.

XXS 84-88 33-34 1/2 2
XS 89-93 35-36 1/2 4
S 94-98 37-381/2 6
M 99-104 39/41 8
L 105-112 41 1/2 - 44 10
XL 113-121 44 1/2 - 47 1/2 12
XXL 122-130 48 - 51 14


Do you have private health insurance (AUS)?

Many private health insurers in Australia will provide a rebate to customers who purchase an SRC product as they are considered a medical compression garment, designed to aid with the recovery and health of expectant and new mothers.

To claim your rebate simply print the rebate form (PDF) and take this to your health care provider such as your MD or GP or specialist, and ask them to fill in the details and sign. Please note that the Provider Number must be supplied by the Health Care Professional. Once the form is completed, send the rebate letter and your invoice to your private health insurer.

Benefits for the purchase of pregnancy compression garments are payable on select Medibank products where the required conditions are met as determined by Medibank.

 Your product may be claimable under one of the following categories: Aids and Appliances, Orthoses, Splints, Medical compression garments.

Please note: not all private health insurers/plans offer a rebate and we recommend talking to your fund/plan to see if it applies to you.

We recommend customers who order any SRC product to please refer to the size chart when ordering. 


  • All items are required to be returned in their original unworn condition, with their garment tags and labels in place.
  • Refunds will be processed based on the conditions of the product once it has been returned.

Please Note: Once the product has been worn it may not be eligiable for returns due to Health, Safety and Hygiene reasons.

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